04. 04. 2019

Just in time for Fumetto, some updates in the illustration portfolio.

Have a look!


12. 10. 2018

Illustration for a health learning app.

More updates coming soon with new website, yay!


Bildschirmfoto 2018-10-12 um 20.26.57

31. 01. 2018

Poster for the album release by „iety“ at Neubad.


20. 12. 2017

An editorial on Building Information Modeling (BIM) for the „40 Jahre Architektur und Technik“ magazine.


04. 12. 2017

First part of my diary comic about my stay in Hong Kong.

See all parts of the ongoing series here!


03. 11. 2017

I’m spending some time in Hong Kong, working on my graphic novel,  besides I tell my adventures in Asia in a strip for 041 – Das Kulturmagazin.


30. 10. 2017

The Horror Musical Spartacus soon to come!


04. 10. 2017

Sponsoring poster for an amazing new playground.


25. 08. 2017

Late mourning over a great swiss artist…


21. 07. 2017

Election poster for the fictional DSP party. Screenprint.

An additional souvenir to the acclaimed fake news newspaper: Die Neue Sequenzielle



05. 06. 2017

The university of Lucerne (HSLU) celebrates their 20 years anniversary this year.

I was asked to create a postcard for the department of music.


27. 05. 2017

I did some Ads for the Sommerbox Playbill. See all of them here.


11. 05. 2017

Together with four other Swiss Illustrators we will create work that expands the very notion of illustration by subverting common ideas of fashion and apparel, creating quirky unwearable pieces, upgrading clothes of pedestrians and remixing old wearables.

The exhibition will take place in Ambit – Project Space, located on 53 Fashion Street, London. Opening: June 1st, 7pm

We will work in London for 10 days before the opening,  you can follow us on Instagram to see how it grows.


04. 05. 2017

Oro Negro is a fresh music label from Basel. They are about to release their first compilation, and I had the honor of creating the artwork. For once, I took to the camera instead of the pen.

The release is on 9th of june, at Kaschemme, Basel.

Below you can listen to a sample.

1_Ouverture_Cover_web 1_Ouverture_Cover_Sim

23. 04. 2017

The Deutsches Uhrenmuseum has a great exhibition on alarm clocks. I did some comics to show how they were used back in the time.

See all the Comics here.


IMG_8227Casanova_COMIC_Color_WEB Wright_COMIC_Color_WEB

15. 04. 2017

Comix Shop Basel invites to their annual competition!


15. 03. 2017

Come say hi and grab a drink…

I’m showing some insight on my comic I am currently working on.


Goran_web 4

23. 02. 2017

Collage for  HSLU 140th Anniversary Advertisement.


140Jahre HSLU

15. 02. 2017

Collage for Auviso Advertisement in the Fumetto Comix Festival booklet.



02. 02. 2017

Flyer for a nice little Boutique in Bologna, Italy.

Chiara_COLORChiara_COLOR 2

07. 12. 2016

I was asked to „remix“ the logo for Modotone. Here’s the result.

Check the website.


11. 11. 2016

I’ve got Instagram now, showing some sketches and whatnot…


Ein von Bartulovic Comix (@bartulovicomix) gepostetes Foto am

06. 11. 2016

We went to Siberia and made a comic fanzine about the journey.

Sadly, the zine is already out, but we’re gonna publish it again in one or another way.

Get a sneak peek!


05. 11. 2016

Working on a series of onepagers for an exhibition on alarm clocks.

More to see soon!


04. 10. 2016

Experimenting with reversal film (Diapositiv) and hydrochlorid acid (Salzsäure).

Quite an adventure!


11. 09. 2016

Finally, here’s my part  of the Ampel #15.

Don’t get confused, the parts are in-betweens of the whole story, which you can get here!


05. 08. 2016

A fancy club wanted a smoking room sign.



05. 07. 2016

Working on a life-sized chess board. Quite fun!


11. 06. 2016

Herr Hummus Illustration, listen to his mixes here…



02. 05. 2016

Working on some mini animations for party visuals.



20. 04. 2016


I just won the Comicstipendium of the swiss german cities!

Thanks to the jury and everyone involved!

13. 04. 2016

Ampel Magazin # 15 to come soon!

Visit us at the Fumetto Comix Festival to get your early copy.

By the way, we’ve got a brand new website and shop: www.ampelmagazin.ch



04. 03. 2016

Three Ads for Blaues Kreuz Zürich, a campaign against alcoholism.

Winning the ADC Bronze Award


Kenn_dein_Limit1 Kenn_dein_Limit2 Kenn_dein_Limit3

26. 02. 2016

Save the date! Big exhibition coming up in may – we have the opportunity to present the new Ampel Magazin comics and a lot of crazy stuff in the Cartoonmuseum Basel.

Opening: 3rd of may 2016, 6:30pm

Exhibition: 4th of may – 19th of june 2016


29. 12. 2015

Advertisement for Auviso – audiovisual solutions.


26. 11. 2015

Doing some flyers for Das Schwarze Schaf, club of Lucerne. Check out the first one here.


Calendarium Romanum XXVII – A Calendar telling the stories of the roman gods which gave our months the names. Mostly. Check out the comics here.



09. 10. 2015

We (Ampel Magazin) did the trailer for Fumetto Comix Festival 2015!

05. 10. 2015

We got an advent calendar, some nice agendas and a calendar in the making.

Pre-order here!

Adventskalender Agenda gross Agenda klein Monatskalender

09. 09. 2015

Logodesign for our open workspace for wood and silkscreen.


Logodesign for RÉN – Institute for hope, fleeing and border analysis.

It referes to the three wise monkeys: See all (evil), hear all (evil), speak all (evil).


A folding booklet/poster for Hackteria: The Hydra Reader.

Illustrations, Logo and Graphic Design.


The Undercut – from Nazi to Hipster. Six out of a trillion possible ways of how to undercut.

For the Young Swiss Magazine.


21. 07. 2015

It’s ready! Got a brand new set of some 20 postcards in a nice gold printed baggie for you. It also functions as my portfolio.




19. 07. 2015

The glorious trip to outer space is full of surprises…




15. 07. 2015

A simple design for the LaBoulangerie Mixtape. If you like some good old MPC2000 Jazz samples and down to earth rap on Vinyl and Tape, you should get it!